What we have learned in the last 60 years, and where we're going next
A practical guide on how to bake the science of learning into the art of course design
Can we prompt ChatGPT to generate reliable references?
An exploration of my career, learning science & what the rise of generative AI means for teaching & learning

February 2023

How to Get the Most from ChatGPT for You & Your Students
An exploration of the risks and benefits of Generative AI in education, in conversation with Mike Palmer
How formal education has reacted to the rise of ChatGPT (so far)
How to leverage the *real* power of AI to drive learner outcomes, today

January 2023

How to combine the power of AI + learning science to improve your efficiency & effectiveness as an educator
How I used AI tech this week to flip my classroom, 10X the speed of my research & run deep user analyses
The case for an evidence-based set of quality standards for learning design, powered by AI
It makes us more efficient at creating ineffective learning experiences