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Hi Phil,

I really like your metaphor with regards to the discovery stage "Obsess less about your solution and more about about your audience’s pain - design an aspirin, not a vitamin."

If you extend this metaphor a bit, you could also put it this way (ADAV):

- Adrenalin (make your learner sweat, because challenges are more exciting than recipes)

- Dopamine (create a moment of achievement for your learner, thus s/he feels good that s/he has mastered the challenge and made good progress)

- Aspirin (give your learner the opportunity to take away something very useful for today or this week)

- Vitamin (design the learning experience so that the knowledge and skills gained will be able to create value for the learner in the future as well)

What do you think?

Cheers, Christian

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Apr 7, 2023·edited Apr 7, 2023Author

I love this so much, Christian. You've captured the essence and purpose of Discovery perfectly. Bravo! :-)

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