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Excellent insights in this podcast. It's so helpful to learn the optimal course structure for max engagement and critical to keep the learners' experience top of mind.

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I'm just making the shift from instructional design services to developing and offering workshops, so this insight is particularly appreciated. I had a prospective client just ask about developing a MVP/MVC for a project, and the framework means I don't have to just engage in guesswork and raw instinct.

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Great podcast .... very thought provoking, I earn a living from making content - it's what the client expects and what they are paying for or where they see value...ultimately this is approach is where I want to get to as this is grounded in learning science but it will take time...good job I signed up to the learning science bootcamp !

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I love this exercise you created! It takes more of a rapid design mindset, focusing on learner outcomes first. Such a refreshing take since you’re so right about learning tools focusing so much on content!

One challenge I face: Getting some learners engaged in a work environment that has different expectations for learning time on the job. How do you over come environmental barriers with your approach?


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interesting, you point out that content does not correlate with learning, but then you continue to introduce a minimum viable content framework. wouldnt it make more sense to focus on what does correlate with learning instead? the activities?

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Instructors in Higher Edu have to think about portfolios and the need to populate their portfolios with content that demonstrate expertise, adherence to academic norms, proper citation of other content, creativity, DEI, accessibility, (add a dozen other demands here).

Instructors might need coaching on how to harness and develop artifacts from an 80% activity-focused approach. I'm not saying this is difficult or impossible, but something that might require deliberate focus, and brainstorming to fit it into various context-specific career paths.

The shift to a MVC approach is mostly likely to succeed if it can be shown how it will work in a larger ecosystem which has a wide range of important demands in addition to ROI.

Bootcamp questions after developing a 10/80/10 module, might include,

"What parts of this module can you add to your CV/LinkedIn/PTR Portfolio?"

"How can you package the activities to archive and show off in a CV, interview, peer to peer presentation?",

"How can you demonstrate learner appreciation of the shift from content to action in ways that you can keep, archive and show?", etc.

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