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How strange : when I check one or two books recommended by Chat GPT on Google Scholar, I don't find the name numbers of citations. For instance Queer latinidad by Rodriguez has 650 citations, not 1000. A history by Charles King, 306, not 1600. Huge difference.

To my knowledge (and also from a discussion with ChatGPT itself, latest version), chat GPT will guesstimate and not give accurate answers.

Does it matter ?

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Apr 14, 2023·edited Apr 14, 2023Author

Hey, Christine! Yes, ChatGPT is the world champion of convincing hallucinations!

In this case, by requiring ChatGPT to cite the number of citations it helps to reiterate the primary importance of source quality. This helps ChatGPT to generate real, reliable references (but as you say, it will likely guesstimate the specific citations).

The number one rule is to verify everything, always.

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